Website design and much more!

We like to think that we have a more user-friendly approach than our competitors.

We begin with a no-obligation visit to your premises to introduce ourselves, tell you what we are about and what we can and can't do for you.

If you like what you hear and decide to engage our services we listen to your ideas and make suggestions as to what might work for you.  We discuss colour schemes and any likes and dislikes you may have about sites you have seen and take any files such as pictures or logos that you want included on the site.

KeyboardThen we go away and produce what we think you wanted.

Our second visit to you is where you tell us what you think of it so far and we note any changes you want.  Sometimes these changes might be quite involved, resulting in starting again, almost at the beginning.

We go away again and make all the necessary changes.  We also test the site on the server that will be hosting the site to make sure it all works correctly.

Finally, we visit you again with the completed site, a copy of which is loaded to your computer.  If you want us to show you how to make changes (most people do) we show you.

We also add a shortcut to your desktop so you can access the site to upload any changes you have made. If you want us to show you how to upload to the site (most people do) we show you.

Once the site is successfully installed and is working to your satisfaction we make a back-up copy of the site on CD and mail it to you.

The only other thing that remains to be done is for you to recommend us to your friends!

After all, a satisfied customer is the best salesman you can get!

Please contact us now for an appointment.


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