Website design and much more!

A website needs three things. (Please see What do I need if not already visited).

A domain name   A domain ending "" will cost £11.50 and one ending ".com" will cost £23.00 for 2 years' use.

After 2 years it will be renewable at a similar cost. 

We suggest buying from BT.  Their website is very good and will show you all the available endings for your chosen domain name.

There are a large number of other companies who can also register a domain name for you.
Hosting   Some broadband suppliers include free webspace as part of their package in which case you will not have any extra costs for hosting.

If you don't have free webspace there are a number of other companies who can host your site for you.

BT currently charge £5.00 a month for hosting and this includes a free "" domain name.
Content   This is the bit we do and is not as expensive as you might have expected, especially when you consider what's included.

Cost naturally depends on the size and complexity of the site, but to give you some idea, a normal 6 page site will cost £400.00.

Extra pages ordered at the time of the original order will cost £50.00 each.  Normal pages added after the site has been completed will cost £75.00 each.

Our charges are "one-off" - there are no annual fees to pay


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