Website design and much more!

Don't worry, we haven't done the old trick of telling you the price of a basic model, and then showing pictures of the top of the range model!

This site has ten pages and would cost you £600.00 if all ten pages were ordered at the same time. Please see what will it cost if not already visited.

So what is included?

Copyright.  We don't retain copyright in your site.  Once paid for the site is yours to do with as you will. There are no renewal fees.

A Simple animation such as the logo at the top of this page or any of the animations on our example sites.

An enquiry or feedback form such as the one on our enquiry page counts as 2 pages because an acknowledgement page is generated when the enquiry is submitted

Marquees such as the scrolling text at the top of this page and those on the example sites

SEO (Search engine optimisation).  We design and code the site to be as friendly as possible to search engines, making it easier to find your site and boost it up the rankings.  We register your site with Google and Yahoo as part of this service.

Tuition and easy access to your site. We build our sites as user-friendly as possible so that most customers can make changes themselves.  We show you how to do this and add short-cuts to your computer desktop so you can easily access the site yourself.

Posters (by request) so that you can draw attention to the fact that you now have a website.  This encourages your existing customers to visit the site to find out such things as what special events or promotions you may have coming up.

Links to other websites or to documents you create, such as menus, newsletters etc.


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